Fundraising with Klitch

You can now easily raise funds with Klitch! Just introduce the Klitch to members of your Group or Cause. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

And it costs you nothing!

  1. Decide that you want to raise funds with Klitch and apply
  2. Klitch add your Group/Cause name to the list of causes
  3. Every time a Klitch buyer chooses your Group/Cause, you earn money

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“Raise Funds With Klitch” FAQs

What is the Klitch Footwear Clip (the Klitch)?
The Klitch Footwear Clip is a patented footwear clip that frees up your hands and lets you hang extra footwear to the outside of your bag. This prevents the inside of your bag from getting dirty, smelly and full!
What does the Klitch cost?
The retail price of the Klitch is ZAR 150 excluding shipping/postage.
Where can one get hold of a Klitch?
The Klitch is sold online and can be ordered from the Connexions ZA online shop.
The Klitch is listed at ZAR 199.90 and not ZAR ZAR 150. Why?
The difference between the retail price of ZAR 150 and the shopping cart price of ZAR 199.90 is for shipping the product anywhere.
How does the “Raise Funds With Klitch” programme work?
A Group or Cause has to register to be part of the “Raise Funds With Klitch” programme. When a Klitch is bought and the buyer nominates the Group or Cause at checkout, Connexions ZA will pay the agreed amount per Klitch bought for the Group or Cause at the end of every month.
How much will the Group or Cause get for every Klitch sold?
The current amount is ZAR 15 per Klitch sold but it can be higher depending on the unique circumstances of the Group or Cause.
What is expected from the Group or Cause?
The Group or Cause only needs to inform its members of the existence of the fundraising project and ask its members to select the Group or Cause as the beneficiary at checkout.
How must the Group or Cause inform its members?
The most effective way is through the normal communication channels of the Group or Cause with specific reference to its Facebook Page or Group, website or existing newsletters.
Will the Group or Cause get assistance with the creation of the information to its members?
Absolutely. Connexions ZA will create the necessary banners and draft messages for approval by the Group or Cause that can then just be posted at regular intervals as agreed between the parties.
How will the Group or Cause know how much it has earned every month?
The system generates detailed reports that will be sent to the Group or Cause together with the payment for the month.

Apply now to be considered for the Klitch Fundraiser Programme

You can also do it via Google Forms

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